Michael Atkins, Founder, CEO and President of AMAXVEN Real Estate is dedicated to serving the commercial real estate and investment needs of his clients. Michael has been active in real estate and investments for over 30 years. As an entrepreneur working with Fortune 1000 companies, emerging market and founder of several startup companies, Mike understands the business and financial needs of his clients.

AMAXVEN Real Estate Brokerage Company leverages Michael global relationships with Board of Directors, CEO’s and Investors. With a network of investors and business owners, Michael is a key partner in developing and selling, buying and financing commercial real estate.

Michael Atkins commercial real estate experience in investment banking provides winning service to his clients.

Vision – sees new opportunities and benefits in the transaction.

Planning – structured methodology works your end game in a timely fashion.

Entrepreneurial – offers creative ways to sell your property.

Sales and Marketing – excels in packaging, presenting, and closing.

Innovation – founded several technology companies.

Finance – BA and MBA in Finance maximizes your return.

CRE/ACP– Accredited Commercial Practitioner

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